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12013The antitumor effects of tetrodotoxin and/or doxorubicin on Ehrlich ascites carcinoma-bearing female miceEl-Dayem, S.M.A. ; Fouda, F.M. ; Ali, E.H.A. ; Motelp, B.A.A.E. ; ali, elham 
2Dec-2017Bone Marrow- Mesenchymal Stem Cell Ameliorate Sodium Nitrite Induced Hypoxic Brain In A Rat Model.Elham H.A. Ali1, Omar A. Ahmed-Farid2, *, Amany A. E. Osman1 ; ali, elham 
32011Comparative Antidepressant Action of Echinacea, Dehydroepiandrosterone and Sertraline in Ovariectomy-Induced Depression in Female Ratsali, elham 
42011Comparative protective action of curcumin, memantine and diclofenac against scopolamine-induced memory dysfunctionali, elham ; Arafa, N.M.S. 
52009Curcumin Enhances Memory Dysfunction Induced by Scopolamine in Female Ratsali, elham 
62009Echinacea and DHEA counteract ovariectomy- induced depression in female rats.ali, elham 
72010Effect of DHEA and Echinacea on Neurotransmitters in Different Brain Area of Female Rats.ali, elham 
82005Effects of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and Cyproterone Acetate in Young and Senile Male Rats Fed on High Fat Dietali, elham 
9May-2017Haloperidol-Loaded Chitosan Nanocomposites Improve Liver and Kidney Functions and Lipid Profile of Male RatsHend A. Sabry ; Hassan M Ibrahim1 ; ali, elham 
102010The Influence of Ginseng and N-Nitrosodimethylamine on the Brain Neurotransmitters of Ratali, elham 
112015interaction between pro-inflammatory cytokines and brain oxidative stress biomarkers of khat, cathinone and pseudoephdrine hydrochloride intoxication in male mice.ali, elham 
122015Interplay between pro-inflammatory cytokines and brain oxidative stress biomarkers: Evidence of parallels between butyl paraben intoxication and the valproic acid brain physiopathology in autism rat modelHegazy, H.G. ; Ali, E.H.A. ; Elgoly, A.H.M. ; ali, elham 
132011Modulation of monoamines and amino-acids neurotransmitters in cerebral cortex and hippocampus of female senile rats by ginger and lipoic acidHegazy, H.G. ; ali, elham 
142014Possible action of grape seed oil on brain toxicity induced by methomyl or imidacloprid of male ratsali, elham 
152009Possible involvement of dehydroepiandrosterone and cyproterone acetate central role in young and aged male rats fed on high fat dietArafa, N.M.S. ; Abo-Nour, A.M.A. ; Ezzat, A.R. ; Ali, E.H.A. ; ali, elham 
162017The potential role of stem cells on hypoxia model induced by NaNO2 in testes of male albino rats.ali, elham 
172008Protective effects of Echinacea on cyproterone acetate induced liver damage in male ratsali, elham 
182014Protective Role of Either Ginger or Lipoic Acid in Senile Female Ratsali, elham 
19May-2018The impact of the synthetic fluoxetine and herbal st.jhon’s wort on the fetus brain of depressed mothers treated with reserpine.Faten. M.Elhelw, Iman Zakaria, Suzan Abd El-Aziz, Elham H. A. Ali. ; ali, elham 
20Dec-2016The neuroprotective action of naringenin on oseltamivir (Tamiflu) treated male ratsali, elham ; Sabry, Hend ; Hoda G. Hegazy