Rushdy, Abeer

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Rushdy, Abeer
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Abeer Ahmed Rushdy
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Abeer Ahmed Rushdy
A. A. Rushdy
Abeer A. Rushdy
Rushdy A. A.
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Dr Abeer Ahmed Rushdy
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Antimicrobial compounds produced by probiotic Lactobacillus brevis isolated from dairy productsRushdy, Abeer ; Gomaa, E.Z. 
22011Bactericidal efficacy of some commercial disinfectants on biofilm on stainless steel surfaces of food equipmentRushdy, Abeer ; Othman, A.S. 
32013Characterization of biosurfactants produced by Halobacillus dabanensis and Pontibacillus chungwhensi isolated from oil-contaminated mangrove ecosystem in EgyptAshour, Sanaa ; Rushdy, Abeer ; Ahmed, H.A. ; Kheiralla, Z.H. 
42013Contribution of different mechanisms to the resistance to fluoroquinolones in clinical isolates of Salmonella entericaRushdy, Abeer ; Mabrouk, M.I. ; Abu-Sef, F.A.H. ; All, S.M.A. ; Saleh, N.M. ; Kheiralla, Z.H. 
52014The efficacy of combination of disinfectants or antiseptics in overcoming methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureusAbdelnasser, M. ; Rushdy, Abeer ; Rushdy, Abeer ; Kheiralla, Z.H. 
62014High-performance antibacterial of montmorillonite decorated with silver nanoparticles using microwave-assisted methodKheiralla, Z.M.H. ; Rushdy, Abeer ; Betiha, M.A. ; Yakob, N.A.N. 
72014Improvement of Lactobacillus brevis NM101-1 grown on sugarcane molasses for mannitol, lactic and acetic acid productionGomaa, E.Z. ; Rushdy, Abeer 
82016In vitro and in vivo genotoxicity and molecular response of silver nanoparticles on different biological model systemsSobieh, S.S. ; Kheiralla, Z.M.H. ; Rushdy, Abeer ; Yakob, N.A.N. 
92003Multiplex-PCR and PCR-RFLP assays to monitor water quality against pathogenic bacteriaAbd-El-Haleem, D. ; Zaki, S. ; Rushdy, Abeer ; Abd-El-Rahiem, W. ; Kheiralla, Z.H. 
102014New water soluble bis-imidazolium salts with a saldach scaffold: Synthesis, characterization and in vitro cytotoxicity/bactericidal studiesElshaarawy, R.F.M. ; Abeer A. Rushdy ; Janiak, C. ; Kheiralla, Z.H. 
112011Preparation, characterization and antibacterial properties of cyanoethylchitosan/cellulose acetate polymer blended filmsAbou-Zeid, N.Y. ; Waly, A.I. ; Kandile, N.G. ; Rushdy, Abeer ; El-Sheikh, M.A. ; Ibrahim, H.M.