Aref, M.

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Aref, M.

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12015Reasoning Techniques for Diabetics Expert SystemsAhmed, I.M. ; Alfonse, Marco ; Aref, M. ; Salem, A.-B.M. 
21-Jan-2017FreebaseViz: Interactive exploration of freebase schema using query-driven visualisationElbattah M. ; Roushdy M. ; Aref M. ; Salem A. 
32-Feb-2016Large-scale ontology storage and query using graph database-oriented approach: The case of FreebaseElbattah M. ; Roushdy M. ; Aref M. ; Salem, A.-B.M. 
41-Jul-2020Enhancing CluStream Algorithm for Clustering Big Data Streaming over Sliding WindowSayed, Doaa; Rady, Sherine ; Aref, M. 
51-Jan-2019A Convolutional Neural Network Model for Emotion Detection from TweetsHamdi, Eman; Rady, Sherine ; Aref, M. 
61-Jan-2021A Deep Learning Architecture with Word Embeddings to Classify Sentiment in TwitterHamdi, Eman; Rady, Sherine ; Aref, M. 
72016XML summarization: A surveyElmadany, H.A. ; Alfonse, Marco ; Aref, M.