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Marwa A. Elshahed
M. Ali
Marwa Ali
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005An Efficient Distributed Watermarking Scheme Using Block Information MeasureKhaled A. Nagaty ; T. M. Nazmy ; marwa ali elshahed 
22017An intelligent Spelling Framework Based on Brain Computer InterfaceYosra N. Abdula ; Salah Abdel-Mageid ; Rabie A. Ramadan ; Afaf A. Nada ; Marwa A. Elshahed ; Sarah N. Abdulkader 
3Apr-2018An Optimality Analytical Approach to Selected Qurʼanic PhonotacticsMarwa Ali 
42010Proposed Biometric Watermarking AlgorithmM. Ali ; T. El Areef ; M. E. Khalifa ; F. M. Ghaleb ; marwa ali elshahed 
5Feb-2013The Variations of Stem-Final Vowel in Cairene Egyptian Colloquial Arabic: Pre-suffix Vowel Lengthening ProcessMarwa Ali 
62016Video Steganography using Least Significant Bit In Frequency DomainAnwar.E.Ibrahim ; Marwa Ali ; Taha Ibrahim Elarif 
72016Video Steganography Using P-Frame Motion VectorAnwar.E.Ibrahim ; Marwa Ali ; Taha Ibrahim Elarif