Ashraf Rushdi Mohamed Baghdady

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Interests: Applied sedimentary geology,
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12017Natural radioactivity and groundwater quality assessment in the northern area of the Western Desert of EgyptYehia, M. ; Baghdady, Ashraf ; Howari, F.M. ; Awad, S. ; Gad, Ahmed 
22018Geology, petrography and mineralogy of the uraniferous Um Bogma Formation in Gabal Um Hamd, southwestern Sinai, Egypt.Abu Zeid,E.K ; Abu-zeid, Mohamed ; El Aassy, I.E. ; Ahmed, A. R. ; Abdel Azeem, M.M ; Ashraf Baghdady ; Aly,G.A 
32018Geology and radioactivity of Upper Carboniferous outcrops at Wadi Araba, Gulf of Suez region, Egypt.Ashraf Baghdady ; El Sayed, A. A ; El Wakeel, M. I ; Metwaly, M. ; Nasr, M. M ; El Aassy, I. E 
42018Assessment of metals contamination and radiation hazards in different soil types near iron mines, Bahariya Oasis, Egypt.Ashraf Baghdady ; Awad, S.A ; Gad, A. 
52012Diagenetic evolution of the Middle Eocene carbonates (Mokattam Formation), eastern Cairo-Suez district, Egypt.Ashraf Baghdady 
62008Facies analysis and depositional environments of the Lower Tertiary Muthaymimah and Dammam formations in Northeastern United Arab Emirates.Ashraf Baghdady ; El-Saiy, A. K. ; Abu-Zeid, M.M ; Mersal, M.A. ; Alsharhan, A. S 
72007Mineralogical and geomorphological characterization of sand dunes in the eastern part of United Arab Emirates using orbital remote sensing integrated with field investigations.Ashraf Baghdady ; Goodell, P. C ; Howari F. M, 
81996Geological and petrological aspects of the Miocene section of Dalma island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.Ashraf Baghdady ; Salah, M.G 
911-Jun-2018Adequacy of carbonate aggregates as an alternative for chert aggregates in concrete manufacture.Abd-Allah, Ali ; Ashraf Baghdady ; Dawood, Y.H., 
101995Dustfall rate and composition in Al-Ain city, United Arab Emirates: A preliminary study.Ashraf Baghdady ; Hindy, K.T 
111998A study of air-borne minerals and associated organic species in Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates.Ashraf Baghdady ; Hindy, K.T 
122018A Qualitative Study of Airborne Minerals and Associated Organic Compounds in Southeast of Cairo, EgyptAshraf Baghdady ; Hindy, K.T ; Abdelmaksoud, A.S. ; Howari, F. M 
132006Depositional history, diagenesis and structural evolution of the stratigraphic sequence of Jabal Al Hama-Jabal Bin Khartum foreland folds, East Al Ain, Northern Oman Mountains.Ashraf Baghdady ; Boukhary, M.A. ; Noweir, M.A 
142017Petrographical and petrophysical characteristics of the Lower Miocene Rudeis reservoir, Zaafrana oil field, northern Gulf of Suez, Egypt.Ashraf Baghdady ; Mohamed Samir ; Abdullah Mahmoud 
152013Textural and mineral attributes and sedimentary history of the various Quaternary soil types in the Bahariya Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt.Ashraf Baghdady ; Gad A. 
162008Petrographic characterization and depositional modeling of the Upper Cretaceous Simsima Formation in Northeastern United Arab Emirates.Ashraf Baghdady ; El-Saiy, A. K ; Abu-Zeid, M.M ; Mersal, M.A ; Alsharhan, A. S 
172002Petrography, facies and framework of sedimentation of the Upper Cretaceous-Lower Tertiary sediments in Jabal Malaqet, west of the Northern Oman Mountains, United Arab Emirates.Baghdady, Ashraf ; Abu-zeid, Mohamed 
182017C O isotope geochemistry of the Florida phosphate of Four Corners and Hardee County mines, USA: Implication for genesis and diagenesis.Ashraf Baghdady ; Howari, F. M ; Al-Wakeel, M. I 
192003Facies and genesis of the Upper Cretaceous Qahlah Formation, west of the Northern Oman Mountains, United Arab Emirates.Baghdady, Ashraf ; MERSAL, M.A. ; ALSHARHAN, A.S. ; Abu-zeid, Mohamed ; EL SAIY, A.K. 
202002Diagenesis in the Upper Cretaceous- Lower Tertiary sediments of Jabal Malaqet, west of the Northern Oman Mountains, United Arab Emirates.Abu-zeid, Mohamed ; Baghdady, Ashraf