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Abu-Zeid, Hosnia
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11978The Angular Dependence of the Sensitive Region Around the Anode Wire of a Streamer Counter.Hosnia M. Abu-Zeid, H.M. Abu-dorra ; Abu-Zeid, Hosnia 
21981Applications of Popkov's Formula to Corona Current in Streamer Region.M.B.S. Osman ; Abu-Zeid, Hosnia 
331-May-2018Assessment of Radioactivity in Various Types of Soil From Al-Obour City, Egypt.Abu-Zeid, Hosnia ; Ragab, Fatma 
41972Certain Properties of Gridded Spark CounterE.A. Gad ; Abu-Zeid, Hosnia 
51987Characteristic of Single Wire Anode Streamer Counter.Abu-Zeid, Hosnia ; H.M. Abu-Dorra 
61970The Characteristic of the Gridded Single Wire- Plate Alpha Particles Counter in Air.H.M. Abu-Zeid, and E.A. Gad ; Abu-Zeid, Hosnia 
71989Characteristics of Corona Voltage Stabilizer and Regulator Device.Abu-Zeid, Hosnia ; Norah A. Al-Sager 
82008Characteristics of Wire Cylindrical Streamer Corona Detector.Abu-Zeid, Hosnia ; Abd-El-Maksoud ; T.M., Nada, A ; Abu Zeid, H.M ; Aly, H.A. 
9May-2018Characterization of photo-neutrons produced by 150 MeV and 1 GeV electrons impinging on high Z-metallic targets for neutron resonance spectroscopyElTayeb ElSaady ; Afaf A. Nada ; Abu-Zeid, Hosnia ; Mustafa M. M. ElAshmawy 
102017A comparison of the gamma index and dose volume histogram of patient for IMRT/VMAT with different QA systemsAbu-Zeid, Hosnia ; Hoda A. Ashry ; Yasser H. Ali ; Kh. El Shahat 
111970Corona Streamer Counter as Fast Pulse Generator.H.M. Abu-Zeid, E.A. Gad and E.E. Sayed ; Abu-Zeid, Hosnia 
122012Correlation Between Radionuclides Associated With Zircon and Monazite in Beach Sand of Rosetta, EgyptAbu-Zeid, Hosnia ; A. Nada ; T. M. Abd- EL Maksoud ; S. A. Abd El-Azeem ; M. I. Mostafa ; I. El-Aassy 
132014A description of Odd Mass Xe and Te Isotopes in the Interacting Boson- Fermion ModelAbu-Zeid, Hosnia ; S. Abu-Musleh ; O. Scholten 
142009Distribution of Radionuclides in Soil Samples from a Petrified Wood Forest in El-Qattamia, Cairo, Egypt.Abu-Zeid, Hosnia ; T. El-Nagar, S. Awad ; T.M. Abd-El Maksoud ; A. Nada 
152014Dosimetric study of field junction in adjacent beams using asymmetric collimators and MLCAbu-Zeid, Hosnia ; Ahmed Zaki ; Hoda A. Ashry ; Khaled M. El-Shahat 
161988Effect of Anode Wire Diameter on Normal Corona Voltage Regulator and Stabilizer Characteristics.Abu-Zeid, Hosnia ; Nagwa O. Mourad 
172000Effect of Anode Wire Diameter on the Properties of Alpha Particles Streamer Detector.Abu-Zeid, Hosnia ; A. Nada ; B. El-Ezaby ; T.M. Abd-El Maksoud ; Hamed M. Abu Zeid ; H. A. S. Aly 
181978Effect of Electrode Separation on the Efficiency of Streamer Counter.Hosnia M. Abu-Zeid, M.B.S. Osman ; Abu-Zeid, Hosnia 
191978Effect of Electronic Separation on the Efficiency of Streamer Counter.Hosnia M. Abu-Zeid, M.B.S. Osman ; Abu-Zeid, Hosnia 
201991Effect of Grid to Cathode Spacing on the Sensitivity and Efficiency of Single Wire Anode Gridded Streamer Counter on the Range of Alpha –particlesAbu-Zeid, Hosnia ; Zeinab M.H. Moharram ; Thanaa M. Abd-El-Maksood