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Ebeid, Samy
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B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Samy J. Ebeid, Ph.D is an Emeritus Professor at the “Design and Production Engineering” Department of Ain Shams University in Cairo – Egypt. The main research interests lie in the fields of Recent Manufacturing Processes (ECM – EDM – LASER – AM - RP …etc), Product Development, Machine Design and Stress Analysis. Samy J. Ebeid has above 55 local and international publications covering the mentioned fields. Samy J. Ebeid is also a referee for international journals in addition was a member of the Egyptian scientific committee for the promotion of professors and a member of the Egyptian national committee for welding technology.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Sep-2014Prediction of Abrasive Water Jet Plain Milling Process Parameters Using Artificial Neural NetworksSamy J. Ebeid ; Mahmoud, Moustafa ; M. M. Sayed ; M. R. A. Atia, 
23-Nov-2015Mechanical behaviour of ABS: An experimental study using FDM and injection moulding techniquesSamy J. Ebeid ; Michael Dawoud ; Iman Taha 
3Feb-2016Failure Prediction of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Pipes using FEAEbeid, Samy ; Iman Taha ; Ahmed W. Abdel-Ghany 
4Jun-2015Improved Energy Efficiency in Troughed Belt Conveyors: Selected Factors and EffectsEbeid, Samy ; Gerges S. Youssef ; Iman Taha ; Lamia A. Shihata ; Abdel-ghany ; Wagdy E 
52015Effect of processing parameters and graphite content on the tribological behaviour of 3D printed acrylonitrile butadiene styreneSamy J. Ebeid ; M. Dawoud ; I. Taha, 
62018Correlation of injection moulding parameters with mechanical and morphological aspects of natural fibre reinforced thermoplasticsM.A. Saleh,, ; I. Taha ; Ebeid, Samy 
7Sep-2014Prediction of Abrasive Water Jet Plain Milling Process Parameters Using Artificial Neural NetworksEbeid, Samy ; M. M. Sayed ; M. R. A. Atia 
8Feb-2018Optimization of EDM process parameters for Al-SiC reinforced metal matrix compositeEbeid, Samy ; Hany A. Shehata ; A. M. Kohail 
9Jul-2015Mechanical Design Aspects of Single Screw Extruders using Finite Element AnalysisEbeid, Samy ; I. Fikry ; W.E. Abdel-Ghany 
1023-Dec-2014Effect of Process Parameters on Abrasive Water Jet Plain MillingEbeid, Samy ; M. M. Sayed ; M. R. A. Atia 
113-Aug-2012Analysis of the Draping Behaviour of Multi-Layer Textiles using Digital Image ProcessingEbeid, Samy ; I. Taha, Y. Abdin 
12Dec-2014Shakedown and limit load of pipe bends with local wall thinning under combined internal pressure and cyclic in-plane bending momentEbeid, Samy ; M.R Kasem ; W.E. Abdel-Ghany 
13Jan-2015Effect of Geometry and Rotational Speed on the Axial Pressure Profile of a Single Screw ExtrusionEbeid, Samy ; W.E. Abdel-Ghany ; I. Fikry 
14Nov-2014Effect of Thermal and Mechanical Loads On A Non Parallel Face Flanges Using Finite Element AnalysisEbeid, Samy ; W.E. Abdel-Ghany ; Mohamed Salama 
152013Comparison of Picture Frame and Bias-extension Tests for the Characterization of Shear Behaviour in Natural Fibre Woven FabricsEbeid, Samy ; I. Taha ; Y. Abdin 
16May-2012Prediction of Draping Behavior of Woven Fabrics over Double-Curvature Moulds Using Finite Element TechniquesI. Taha ; Y. Abdin ; Ebeid, Samy 
1716-Feb-2014Effect of Process Parameters on Abrasive Water Jet Plain MillingM. R. A. Atia ; Mahmoud, Moustafa ; Samy J. Ebeid