Nevin samir Abdel Galel

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Nevin samir Abdel Galel
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Application of Health Belief Model for Osteoporosis Risk Prevention among Late Adolescent Female College StudentsRanda Mohamed Ebrahim ; Nevin samir Abdel Galel ; Asmaa Naser El Din Mosbeh ; Ahmed Husseiny 
22005Assistance professorsNevin samir Abdel Galel 
32003Assistance professors of obstetric and gynecological nursingNevin samir Abdel Galel 
42017Effect of Inquiry-Based Learning versus Conventional Approach on Maternity Nursing Students' Satisfaction, Motivation and AchievementNevin samir Abdel Galel ; hassan, randa 
52017Effectiveness of Educational Program Based on PRECEDE Model on Improving Sexual Function among Diabetic WomenNevin samir Abdel Galel ; Ahmed husseiny ; Dalia Ali Ameen ; Randa Mohmed 
62013Explore nursing practical skills among pre-eclamptic mothersNevin samir Abdel Galel ; Abou ShabanaK ; said S 
72016Impact of Preconception Evidence Based Nursing Guideline on Pregnancy Outcome for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus WomenNevin samir Abdel Galel ; Randa Mohamed Ebrahim ; Dalia Ali Ameen ; Ahmed husseiny ; Rafeek Rashed 
82015Influence of Psychosexual Counseling Based On PLISSIT Model on Sexual Function among Women Post-HysterectomyNevin samir Abdel Galel ; AmiraMorsi ; Ahmed El husseny 
92013Marjoram effect on premenstrual syndrome among nursing students at Ain Shams UniversityNevin samir Abdel Galel ; Hanan Abd el fatah ; Sabah Metwally ; Ahmed al Husseny 
102014Self-Instructional Booklet's Effect on Knowledge of Women with Uterine Cancer Undergoing ChemotherapyNevin samir Abdel Galel ; Hanan Abd El Fattah ; Ali Mohammed Azmy 
112003Women's Perception and Practices Regarding Their Rights in Reproductive HealthAbou Shabana K ; Nevin samir Abdel Galel ; El-Nazer M ; El-Shiek M