Assistant Prof. Heba Zahran (H.Y. Zahran)

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Assistant Prof. Heba Zahran (H.Y. Zahran)
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I obtained MSc and Ph.D. in Physics (Materials Science) in 2006 and 2010
from Ain Shams University, Egypt. I worked at the Metallurgical Laboratory in the
Department of Physics, Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, as a demonstrator,
assistant lecturer, Lecturer, and assistant professor. I had an academic position at King Khalid
University, Saudi Arabia. Research interests include Mechanical properties of metals and alloys, Microstructure, Semiconductor materials, Nano-metal oxide thin films/powders, Organic materials, Bio-ceramics.


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12018Tailoring the linear and nonlinear optical properties of NiO thin films through Cr3+ dopingShkir, Mohd.; Ganesh, V.; AlFaify, S.; Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Hussein (I.S. Yahia) ; Assistant Prof. Heba Zahran (H.Y. Zahran)