Awareness Program for Secondary School Students for Prevention of Substance Dependence

mourad, ghada ; zeinab Hassan Hassan osman ; ramadan, sorayia 


This study was a quasi-experimental study, aimed to provide Awareness Program for Secondary School Students for prevention of Substance dependence. This study was conducted in the girls' secondary begam school. The study involved 40 secondary school students in one class divided two group. Tools of the study involved, an interview questionnaire sheet include socio-demographic characteristics, student's knowledge regarding substance dependence & their pattern of adjustment in their daily life. These tools were used before and after implementation of the awareness program. The main results showed that, student's level of knowledge about substance dependence, the adjustment patterns in their daily life are dramatically improved after the awareness program implementation with statistically significant differences. This study recommended that continuous awareness and health educational programs should be provided to secondary students for improving their adjustment patterns in their daily life interactions and to protect them from risk of substance dependence. There is a need for increasing school student's awareness especially at adolescent's stages about aspects of healthy lifestyle through mass media.

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Keywords School Students - Substance Dependence - Awareness Program
Issue Date May-2013
Publisher zeinab Hassan Hassan osman
Journal The new Egyptian Journal of Medicine Vol.48 No:5 May 2013 
Series/Report no. 48;5

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