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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2010ASSESSMENT OF APPLICATION OF PATIENT'S RIGHTS IN PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITALramadan, sorayia ; Sahar Mahmoud ; loutfi, zeinab ; Fatma Ata 
2Sep-2010Assessment of mode of anger expression among adolescent students in Zagazig Universitymourad, ghada ; Safaa osman ; salwa abbass ; ramadan, sorayia 
3May-2013Awareness Program for Secondary School Students for Prevention of Substance Dependencemourad, ghada ; zeinab Hassan Hassan osman ; ramadan, sorayia 
4Jun-2007Counseling intervention for caregivers of patients with Alzheimermourad, ghada ; Nevein M. El Ashry, ; ramadan, sorayia ; Mona H. Abdel Al 
52017Knowledge, Attitude and Performance of Psychiatric Nurses toward Aggressive Patientramadan, sorayia ; Walaa Mohamed Abd El Wahed ; Neve i n Mostafa Elashry 
62015Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice of Nurses Working with HIV/AIDS Patientsramadan, sorayia ; Asmaa Hafez Afefe ; Amira Ahmed Nawal ; Hussein Mohamed Magdi 
71-Jan-2013Motivational Interviewing Strategy: Its Effect on University Nursing Students' Assertivenessmourad, ghada ; Ata, Fatma ; ramadan, sorayia 
82016Personality Disorders among Substance Abuse Patientsramadan, sorayia ; Ibrahim Abdel Naby Abdel Azeem Ismail ; Galila Shawky El Ganzory 
9Jan-2011Physical and Psychosocial Stressors among Caregivers of Patients with Cerebrovascular Strokeramadan, sorayia ; Ghada Mourad ; Sanaa Hamed Abd Elataif ; loutfi, zeinab 
102017Psychosocial Problems and Coping Strategies among Parents having Children with Autismramadan, sorayia ; Aya Ahmed Ali Abd Elbaky ; Galila Shawky El Ganzory 
112016Quality of Life among Patients with Bipolar Disorderramadan, sorayia ; Nevien Mostafa ; fayez fatahallah, tabasem