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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
111-Jun-2018Adequacy of carbonate aggregates as an alternative for chert aggregates in concrete manufacture.Abd-Allah, Ali ; Ashraf Baghdady ; Dawood, Y.H., 
22018Adequacy of carbonate aggregates as an alternative for chert aggregates in concrete manufacture.A.M.A. Abd-Allah, ,; A.R. Baghdady; Yehia H. Dawood 
330-Apr-2018Assessment and restoration of bond strength of heat-damaged reinforced concrete elementsShamseldein A. ; Elshafie H. ; Rashad A. ; Kohail, Mohamed 
42017Ceramic waste as an efficient material for enhancing the fire resistance and mechanical properties of hardened Portland cement pastesEl-Gamal, S.M.A. ; I. El-hosiny, fouad ; Amin, M.S. ; Sayed, D.G. 
52018Development of the fire resistance and mechanical characteristics of silica fume-blended cement pastes using some chemical admixturesHabib, A.O. ; Aiad, I. ; I. El-hosiny, fouad ; Abd El-Aziz, A.M. 
620-Mar-2018The effect of different water/binder ratio and nano-silica dosage on the fresh and hardened properties of self-compacting concreteNadine Hani ; Omar Nawawy ; Khaled Ragab ; Kohail, Mohamed 
72018Gamma radiation shielding, fire resistance and physicochemical characteristics of Portland cement pastes modified with synthesized Fe 2 O 3 and ZnO nanoparticlesAbo-El-Enein, S.A. ; I. El-hosiny, fouad ; El-Gamal, S.M.A. ; Amin, M.S. ; Ramadan, M. 
82019Mechanical behavior of PP reinforced with marble dustAwad, Ahmed ; Ramadan El-gamasy,; Ayman A. Abd El-Wahab,; Mohamed Hazem Abdellatif
915-Oct-2017The use of Wollastonite to enhance the mechanical properties of mortar mixesMona Abdel Wahab ; Ibrahim Abdel Latif ; Kohail, Mohamed ; Amira Almasry