El-Dakdoky, Mai H.

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El-Dakdoky, Mai H.
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El Dakdoky M.H.
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12013Adverse prenatal neurotoxicity induced by administration of caffeine to pregnant rats.Abdel Wahab, Hanan MF ; El-Dakdoky, Mai H. 
22015Biomonitoring of the Genotoxic and Hepatotoxic Effects and Oxidative Stress Potentials of Itraconazole in Pregnant RatsEl-Shershaby, A.-F. ; Dakrory, A.I. ; El-Dakdoky, Mai H. ; Ibrahim, J. ; Kassem, F. 
32011Effect of an anabolic steroid (Deca-Durabolin) and vitamin C on two Hind Limb Muscles of young Male Albino Rats.Mazhar, Fatma ; Shadia M. Kadry ; El-Dakdoky, Mai H. ; Aml S. Saleh 
42010Effect of hyperhomocysteinemia on fetal development of rats and the protective role of vitamin B- complex.El-Dakdoky, Mai H. 
52007Effect of nonylphenol on fetal development and on the liver of pregnant rats and their fetuses.Mona A. Helal ; El-Dakdoky, Mai H. 
62015Effect of silicon dioxide nanoparticles on the prenatal development of albino rats.El-Dakdoky, Mai H. 
72012Evaluation of testicular damage in adult rats exposed to doxorubicin at a critical stage of maturation.El-Dakdoky, Mai H. ; Nashwa A. El-Shinnawy 
82009Evaluation of the developmental toxicity of artemether during different phases of rat pregnancyEl-Dakdoky, Mai H. 
92015Evaluation of the potential interaction between methylmercuric chloride and naringenin on pre- and postnatal rat developmentMazhar, Fatma ; Moawad, Karima ; El-Dakdoky, Mai H. ; ali, elham 
102005Evidence for a Reversing Effect of Vitamin E or Curcumin on Some Biochemical Alterations Associated with Diabetes in Pregnant Rats and their Fetuses.Fatma M. Mazhar ; Karima M. Moawad ; El-Dakdoky, Mai H. 
112014Fetotoxicity of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in rats and the protective role of vitamin EMazhar, Fatma ; Moawad, Karima ; El-Dakdoky, Mai H. ; Amany Samir 
122014Fetotoxicity of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in rats and the protective role of vitamin EMazhar, F.M. ; Moawad, K.M. ; El-Dakdoky, Mai H. ; Amer, A.S. 
132006Fetotoxicity of fluoride in rats and the protective action of some antioxidantsHelal, M. ; El-Dakdoky, Mai H. 
142015Folic acid administration reduced selenite- induced abnormalities in the egg- cylinder of pregnant ratAbdel- Fattah M. El- Shershaby ; El-Dakdoky, Mai H. 
152010Folic acid diminishes the liver damages Induced in Aluminum Treated Rats and Their Fetuses.El-Dakdoky, Mai H. 
162013Impact of boric acid exposure at different concentrations on testicular DNA and male rats fertilityEl-Dakdoky, Mai H. ; Abd El-Wahab, H.M.F. 
172014In utero exposure to itraconazole during different gestational periods of ratsEl-Shershaby, A.-F. ; Imam, A. ; Helmy, M. ; Ibrahim, J. ; Kassem, F. ; El-Dakdoky, Mai H. 
182015Influence of mefloquine administration during early pregnancy on rat embryonic developmentEl-Dakdoky, Mai H. 
1923-May-2018Melatonin improves the therapeutic role of mesenchymal stem cells in diabetic ratsEl-Dakdoky, Mai H. ; Laila A. Rashed ; Marwa T. Hassen ; Shadia M. Kadry 
202008The potential role of Acrylamide in inducing developmental toxicity and neurotoxicity of pregnant rats and their fetuses.El-Dakdoky, Mai H.