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2015Assessing the genetic variability in egg production and egg quality traits of four Egyptian local strains of chickens using RAPD and SSR techniquesLamiaa Mostafa Radwan ; M.Y. Mahrous ; M.E. EL-Denary 
2016Comparative study of some productive and egg quality traits of two commercial lines of laying hensMahrous, M.Y. ; L.M. Radwan 
2014Determining genetic similarity and genetic diversity in selected Alexandria chickens using rapd techniqueLamiaa Mostafa Radwan ; Amira E. El-Dlebshany ; M.Y.Mahrous 
2014The effect of eggshell ultrastructure on hatchability percentage of eggs laid from naked neck, frizzled and normally feathered hensLamiaa M. Radwan 
2018The effect of heat stress in the early age on some muscle development related genes and some carcass traits in two different strains of broilers.Lamiaa Mostafa Radwan 
2016Effect of long-term selection for egg production on eggshell quality of Japanese quail (coturnix japonica)Lamiaa Mostafa Radwan ; M.M.Fathi ; A. E. El-Dlebshany ; M. Bahie El-Deen ; G.Rayan 
2016Eggshell quality: a comparison between Fayoumi, Gimieizah and Brown Hy-Line strains for mechanical properties and ultrastructure of their eggshellsLamiaa Mostafa Radwan 
2012Eggshell Ultrastructural and Organic Matrix in two Genetic Groups of Chicken.Galal, A. ; M.Y. Mahrous ; Lamiaa Mostafa Radwan 
9-May-2018Genetic selection for growth performance and thermal tolerance under high ambient temperature after two generations using heat shock protein 90 expression as an indexLamiaa Mostafa Radwan ; Mahrous M. 
2015Immunity competence and some genetic aspects related to productive traits for five different genetic groups of chickensLamiaa Mostafa Radwan ; M.YMahrous ; Rania A.A. Younis 
2011Impact of Naked Neck (NA) Gene, Sex and their Interaction on Live Growth Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Broiler Chicks under Summer Season of Egypt. Egyptian.Mahrous, M.Y. ; Lamiaa Mostafa Radwan 
2010Mechanical and Ultrastructural Properties of Eggshell in Two Egyptian Native Breeds of Chicken.Lamiaa Mostafa Radwan ; M.M.Fathi ; A.Galal ; A. Zein El-Dein 
2014Microsatellite genetic differentiation analysis and organic matrix of eggshell in the 16th generation of chickens selected for egg production traitsLamiaa M. Radwan ; A.E. El-Dlebshany ; M.E. EL-DENARY 
2012Microsatellite markers and their association with body weight and the egg production traits in two genetic groups of chicken.M.Y.Mahrous, ; Lamiaa Mostafa Radwan ; M.E. El-Denary 
2015Prediction of eggshell Ultrastructure via some non-destructive and destructive measurements in Fayoumi breedLamiaa Mostafa Radwan ; A. Galal ; A.R. Shemeis 
2013Shell Quality And Ultrastructural Characteristics Of Eggshell In The 15th Generation Of Chickens Selected For Egg Production Traits.6- M.Y. Mahrous ; Lamiaa Mostafa Radwan ; A.E. El-Dlebshany 
2007Using Scanning Electron Microscopy to Detect the Ultrastructural Variations in Eggshell Quality of Fayoumi and Dandarawi Chicken Breeds.Fathi, M. M. ; A., Zein El-Dein ; S. A.El-Safty ; Lamiaa Mostafa Radwan