Mohammed Ibrahim Abdo, Samah

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Mohammed Ibrahim Abdo, Samah
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Samah Abdo
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Samah Abdo, Ph.D. Currently a lecturer of Modern Italian poetry, Samah Abdo is a recent Ph.D. graduate from Faculty of languages (Al-alsun), Ain Shams University, Cairo. Her master research deals with the representation of Egypt in Giuseppe Ungaretti’s poems. Her Masters’ dissertation held the title “L’Egitto nella poesia di Giuseppe Ungaretti (Studio analitico)”. Her PhD dissertation that she successfully defended in Nov. 2017 held the title: “L’alienazione nella poesia di Umberto Saba / The alienation in the poetry of Umberto Saba”, with special interests in the psychoanalytic criticism. She is now preparing two articles for publication on Italian poetry.
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