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12017Antibacterial, antibiofilm and antitumor activities of grape and mulberry leaves ethanolic extracts towards bacterial clinical strainsElshahat M. Ramadan, Khadiga A. Abou-Taleb, Gehan F. Galal, Nermin S. Abdel-Hamid ; Abou-Taleb, Khadiga 
22015Biosorption of uranium and heavy metals using some local fungi isolated from phosphatic fertilizersAmany H. Abd El Hameed, Wedad E. Eweda, Khadiga A.A. Abou-Taleb, H.I. Mira ; Abou-Taleb, Khadiga 
32016Could Amino Acids Produced by Bacteria Be Used as An Alternative Source of Nitrogen Fertilizer in Corchorus olitorius L.Hany S. Osman, AlShaymaa I. Ahmed and Khadiga A. Abou-Taleb ; Abou-Taleb, Khadiga 
42017Effect Of Carbon And Nitrogen Sources On Phosphate Solubilization By Some Local Isolates From Egyptian Rock Phosphate DepositHemmat M Abdelhady, Khadiga A Abou-Taleb, Soheir S Abd el-salam, Shimaa A Amin, and Zahra H Tayeb ; Abou-Taleb, Khadiga 
52015Enhancing Production of Amino Acids from Bacillus spp. Using Batch and Fed-batch Fermentation StrategiesAbou-Taleb, Khadiga 
62017Evaluation of Factors Affecting The Fungal Lipase Production Using One Factor at a Time Approach and Response Surface MethodologyShimaa E. Helal, Hemmat M. Abdelhady, Khadiga A. Abou-Taleb, Mervat G. Hassan and Mahmoud M. Amer ; Abou-Taleb, Khadiga 
72017Isolation, Identification and Production of Amylases from Thermophilic Spore Forming Bacilli Using Starch Raw Materials Under Submerged CultureRawia Fathy Gamal, Khadiga Ahmed Abou-Taleb, Basma Talaat Abd-Elhalem ; Abou-Taleb, Khadiga 
82013L-Asparaginase Synthesis by some Egyptian Bacterial Isolates and Molecular Identification Based on the 16S rRNA SequenceKhadiga A. Aboutaleb and Naglaa Mohammed Ebeed ; Abou-Taleb, Khadiga 
92009Nutritional and Environmental Factors Affecting Cellulase Production by Two Strains of Cellulolytic BacilliAbou-Taleb, Khadiga A.A., Mashhoor, W.A., Nasr, Sohair A.,Sharaf, M.S. and Abdel-Azeem, Hoda H.M. ; Abou-Taleb, Khadiga 
102014Nutritional factors affecting levan production by Bacillus sp.V8 strain isolated from rhizosphere bean (Vicea faba) plantKhadiga A. Abou-Taleb, Mohamed O. Abdel-Monem, Mohamed H. Yassin and Amal A. Draz ; Abou-Taleb, Khadiga 
112017Optimization of Chromium and Copper Ions Uptake by Aspergillus Terreus Strain Using Different TechniquesKhadiga A. A. Abou-Taleb, Wedad E. Eweda and H. I. Mira ; Abou-Taleb, Khadiga 
122018Optimization of Rock Phosphate Solubilization in Submerged Cultures Containing Some Agro-Industrial ResiduesKhadiga A. Abou-Taleb, Shimaa A. Amin, Hemmat M. Abdelhady and Zahra H. Tayeb ; Abou-Taleb, Khadiga 
132015Production of amylases from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens under submerged fermentation using some agro-industrial by-productsBasma T. Abd-Elhalem, M. El-Sawy, Rawia F. Gamal, Khadiga A. Abou-Taleb ; Abou-Taleb, Khadiga 
142014Production of L-Asparaginase from some Local Bacterial Strains Using Agro-Industrial Residues and Evaluation of its Anti-tumor ActivityNaglaa, M. Ebeed and Khadiga A. Aboutaleb ; Abou-Taleb, Khadiga 
152015Production, Purification and Characterization of Levan Polymer from Bacillus lentus V8 StrainKhadiga A. Abou-taleb, Mohamed O. Abdel-Monem, Mohamed H. Yassin and Amal A. Draz ; Abou-Taleb, Khadiga 
162013Semi-scale production of PHAs from waste frying oil by Pseudomonas fluorescens S48Rawia F. Gamal, Hemmat M. Abdelhady, Taha A. Khodair, Tarek S. El-Tayeb, Enas A. Hassan, Khadiga A. Aboutaleb ; Abou-Taleb, Khadiga 
172012Utilization of Agro-industrial Residues for Production of Amino Acids Using Egyptian Bacillus spp. StrainsKhadiga A. Abou-Taleb and Lamyaa M. Sayed ; Abou-Taleb, Khadiga