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elsayed, salma
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2015Critical Thinking Dispositions and Problem Solving Abilities Among Nursing Studentsmahmoud, dr rabab ; elsayed, salma 
2May-2011Diabetes Self-Management Education to Empower Adolescents with Type I DiabetesMorsy, Madiha ; Iman I. Abd Al Moniem ; elsayed, salma 
3Mar-2018Discharge Plan for Mothers to Cope With Their Children Suffering From Bronchial Asthmaelsayed, salma ; Omaima Mohamed Esmat ; Hala Mohamed Mohamed 
4Oct-2017Educational Program for Nurses Regarding Physical Restraints Used in Pediatric Intensive Care Unitselsayed, salma ; Fatma Mohamed Mohamed 
5Feb-2018Effect of On-The-Job Training on Nurses' Performance Regarding 'Helping Babies Breathe' During the Golden Minute of Life"elsayed, salma ; Hyam Refaat Tantawi ; Amal Talaat Abd El Wahab 
62012Factors affecting Nurses Adherence to Recommended Respiratory Infection Control Practice guidelines after Educational Intervention.ahmed, nematallah ; Sobeih.H.S ; elsayed, salma 
7Jan-2008Factors Contributing to Inequity of Mortality Among Infant in Urban and Rural areas of Egyptelsayed, salma ; Iman Ibrahim Abd Al-Moniem ; Madiha Morsy Amin 
8Sep-2014First Aid Training Program in Emergency Situations at Schools for Teachers of Intellectual Disabled ChildrenEman Abdelfatah ali ; elsayed, salma ; Omaima Mohamed Esmat, 
9Apr-2014Guidelines Program for Improving Nursing Care of Children Suffering from Hemophilia: An Intervention Studyelsayed, salma ; Safaa Salah Ismail ; Omaima Mohamed Esmat 
10Mar-2010Needs and Problems of Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and their Caregiverselsayed, salma ; Eman Amin Mohamed ; Fatma Abd El Azeez 
112016Nurses' Perception Regarding Pain Management at Emergency Room Childrenelsayed, salma ; Emnan Ibrahium ; Ghada Ahmed Attef Zaky 
12Dec-2006Self Care Model: Effects On Quality of Life of Children With Sickle Cell Disease and Their ParentsNahed El Nagar ; elsayed, salma ; Nehal Allam ; Iman Amin ; Safaa Draz 
13Apr-2017Self-Learning Module for Improving Nurses’ Performance Regarding Care of Children with Nephrotic Syndromeelsayed, salma ; Omaima Mohamed Esmat ; Fatma Mohamed Mohamed 
14May-2009Supporting Mothers of Children Suffering from Leukemia to Cope with the DiseaseOmima Mohamed Esmat ; Asmaa Nasr Eldin ; elsayed, salma 
15Dec-2006Terminally III Children Nursing Care Model: Effects on Overcoming Nurse Challengeselsayed, salma ; Mona Hafez ; Iman Amin ; Nehal Allam 
16Apr-2015The Relation between Pediatric Nurses’ Moral Distress and their Performance in Pediatric Critical Care Unitselsayed, salma ; Hyam Refaat Tantawy ; Adly, Randa