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faisal, dr samah
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011Causes and Types of Conflict and Resolution Strategies among Nursing Students: A Comparative Study between Two Culturesfaisal, dr samah ; Nevein, A. Abou El Hassan 
22008Clinical Teacher's Effectiveness: Military Nursing Schools Students' Expectations for Best LearningMamdouh EL Bahnasawy ; elshimy, dr.haresa ; faisal, dr samah ; Eman E Abd El Fadil 
32016Effectiveness of evaluative feedback on the performance of head nurses in shift reportingfaisal, dr samah 
42010Nurses interns' versus patients' perception regarding patient rightsMona,M. Shazly ; faisal, dr samah ; Randa Mohamed 
52014Nurses’ perception of the quality of nursing work life and related priorities for improvement in Ain shams university specialized hospitalShazly, M.M. ; faisal, dr samah 
62010Patient's Needs from Quality Health Care Dimensions as Ranked by Nurses and PatientsAkel, D.T ; Shazly, M.M ; faisal, dr samah 
72015Pediatric Nurses' Knowledge, Perceived Barriers and Motivators Related To Evidence Based Nursing at University Children Hospitals, Egypt.Fatma M. Amin ; faisal, dr samah 
8May-2011Quality of work life and job involvement among nurses working at Ain Shams University Hospitalsmourad, ghada ; faisal, dr samah ; Randa Mohamed 
92009Relationship between Head Nurses' Leadership Styles in Training Settings and Absenteeism among Nurse Internsfaisal, dr samah ; Hassan, R.M 
102018The Relationship Between Student's Self Esteem and Problem Solving Abilities at Benha and Ain Shams Technical Institute of NursingElsayed , A. H. ; faisal, dr samah ; Mahfouz, H.H. 
112011Self-assessment competency tool for nurses working in critical care units: development and psychometric evaluationKamel, S.S.A ; faisal, dr samah ; Ibrahim, R.M 
122009A study of nurses' job satisfaction and motivation: The relationship to Nurse Managers' Leadership styleDalal T. Akel ; Samia M. A. Adam ; faisal, dr samah 
132007Tracheal Suctioning: Assessment of Knowledge and Practice of Nurses in the Intensive Care UnitKamel, salwa ; faisal, dr samah 
142007Utilization of time management by newly graduated baccalaureate nurses and their job satisfaction: An analytic studyfaisal, dr samah ; Samah A. Ahmed